Euronews on-board service in taxis with MediaSize



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Press release 24.02.2016


Euronews on-board service in taxis


Euronews now offers international news coverage inMediasize connected taxis.


Lyon, 24 February 2016 – Euronews signed an agreement with new company Mediasize, which installs and operates on-board screens in taxis and supplies all the main taxi groups in major French cities (Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes).

Tactile and connected screens installed in the back of taxis offer 24/7 news coverage and access to practical information (shows, airports etc.).

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From a user-friendly interface, Mediasizebroadcasts Euronews coverage of news and sport, as well as its main culture andsci-tech magazines in English and French.



This service, launched in 2015, is already available on 1,000 screens, reaching 3.3 millionpassengers each year. Mediasize intends to develop outside of France on a European and International scale.

Arnaud Verlhac, Director Worldwide Distribution at Euronews said: “Euronews isdelighted to work with Mediasize, a company that has revolutionised on-board taxi services through the user experience. This service provides an unprecedented visibility of our media, meaning that people in transit can continue to follow international news.”

Jenny Delcambre, Head of Euronews Global Travel Distribution added: “With an average travel time of 20 minutes*, this is a real opportunity for media such as Euronews. Our teams have developed an expertise that can be adapted to suit all modes of newsconsumption in every country.  This is the first time in France we have applied our on-board service to taxis with Mediasize, a company that shares our vision to provide a high-quality and personalised service to our end users.”

* Source: Mediasize


Hugues de Laubadere, Director and Founder of MediaSize, added: “The passenger is at the centre of a number of changes occurring in the taxi industry in many countries today.Unprecedented connected services that are easily accessible are changing the travel experience in cities. Our partnership with Euronews was crucial in enabling us to provide international news in video format.”

About Euronews
Euronews, the most-watched international news channel in Europe, is an independent and multi-platform media hub. Euronews covers news worldwide, offering a unique perspective on events through factual analysis. Sixhundred journalists, from more than 30 countries, report round-the-clock in 13 editions (Arabic, English, Persian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian). Established in 1993 in Lyon, France, the channel is received by 425 million homes in 158 countries, and offers a complete range of products: websites, smart TV, radio, on-board technology (for cars), and portable technology (mobile apps, smartwatch).
On 4 January 2016, Euronews launched digitally Africanews, the first pan-African multilingual news channel.
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About MediaSize
In under two years, MediaSize has become the #1 hub offering on-board services for taxi users. Its digital screens, installed on the back of the front seats, offer unprecedented services that are helping to transform the taxi service industry. Mediasize is spearheading the desire of many advertisers to offer high-quality information to premium prospective customers and geo-localised captive audiences. This French-made innovation is taking the taxi ride to a new connected dimension, creating digital and interactive urban mobility.


For further information, please contact:
Stéphanie Schroeder
Lydie Bonvallet
Director of External Relations
Head of Press and Public Relations
tel. +33 (0)1 53 96 92 78
tel. +33 (0)4 72 18 80 56

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